A Celebration Of Black History Month

a celebration of black history month

A Celebration Of Black History Month

The month of February is dear to the black community as it is a month to look back in time and be thankful for the journey thus far.

Considering the long years of the slave trade, February and March are set aside for the purpose of reflection and celebration of their achievements and significant impact in their community.

Black history month is also known as African American history month finds its origin in the US through the founding father Carter G.Woodson who feared the poor representation of the black community in history.

Black history month is a celebration of many things inclusive of changing the narratives where the black community tell the narrative themselves; it is a month that basically sets the records straight about the grass to grace the story of the black man specifically in the US and other countries like Canada who have come to officially recognise this day.

In man’s quest in life comes the enthusiasm mostly to attain utmost achievement in life, and black history month is the time to reflect on the many contributions of the blacks in various societies admits the stifling society one finds themselves in.

Rising from the flames to become game-changers, there are lots of inspiring stories of African Americans born without a silver spoon but did not allow that to be a determent or retrain their goals.

From the sacrifices of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and much more, Black greatness sprung the present-day black men and women.

For centuries, Blacks have had to tackle the concept of identity as they were treated like outcasts spiraling as well into cultural identity and social crisis.

Flashback to the past, they have made milestones through their works and consequently making a path for other generations to follow without much hassle.

In the celebration of black history month, we look at how certain actions by pioneer activists have carved a path, therefore, contributing to shaping the US history and the present-day society that has given the Black community a voice on multiple platforms.

January 28th, 2021, the legendary Cicely Tyson passed on. Born to a mother who was a domestic worker and a carpenter and painter for a father she was informed on what not to be and made a path not just for herself, but for generations.

She thus becomes an emblem as one who carved a way for African American actresses and also succinctly chose roles that resonates with an African woman being a strong woman, therefore, rejecting roles that did no justice to tell true stories of these strong black women.

Another example of one working their way to fame and fortune and carving a niche for herself is Oprah Winfrey. Born into poverty and struggling with sexual abuse, life was not all bed and roses for the billionaire media mogul. While growing, she even wore potato sacks because her family could not provide clothing.

Oprah was not stifled by this nor the racial discrimination she experienced as a black presenter halt her shine. Talking personally in an interview, Oprah says she “I know what it means to be poor, I know what it feels like to be abandoned. I know what it feels like to not be wanted. I know what it feels like not to be loved… and yet have inside yourself yearning a passion, a desire hope for something better.”

The famous Jay Z is not just loved for his mind-blowing raps, but the story his life tells. Growing from humble beginnings, Jay Z sold drugs to make ends meet and meeting the first love of his life- music, he is who he is today and has given back to society and is a reflection of the hope that the black American community seeks.

By taking the example set down by black activists like Rosa Parks and the likes, these actions informed the quality of life to be lived by the black society of other generations and that of the 21st century on equality; what should be and should not be.

#Blackhistory month is a joyous celebration in reflection of how they have grown thus far from their struggles by breaking down norms and barriers which are both psychologically and physically.

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