5 Minimalist Makeup Tips To Beautify Your Face

5 minimalist makeup tips to beautify your face

5 Minimalist Makeup Tips To Beautify Your Face

Just like fashion and decorations, most people look forward to minimalist makeup. Little makeup used with the most beautiful result.

While it is fun to do some artsy, colorful, and bold makeup looks, using makeup to enhance your natural beauty is key.

Below are some steps to achieving a minimalist makeup look:

A Good Base is Key
A good base for your makeup is crucial for a flawless, minimalist makeup look! Plus, clearer skin may mean you can skimp out on a foundation and go even lighter with your look. Make sure you have a solid general cleanser, makeup remover, and moisturizer to start. You may have to go through some trial and error to find products that work with your skin type.

Be a natural beauty
It can be hard to go from wearing makeup to wearing nothing. However, going makeup-free for a bit can help to let your skin breathe and gets you comfortable with the idea of cutting back on the amount of makeup that you use daily.

“Bronze it” like a boss
Bronzer can either make or break your look. You want to most likely get a solid matte bronzer to help contour your face while giving yourself a natural look. A subtle shimmer can help to give you a dewy, glowy look, as well.

Lighten the brows
Eyebrows are super important in framing the face. When you go for a more minimal makeup look, a defined, heavy brow can look harsh depending on the person. You may have to lighten up on your brow by lightly filling it in, just using a gel, or consider brushing your brows up for that natural thick, bushy brow look.

Now the Lips
There is so much you can do with your lips for a minimalist look. Minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean totally natural, so you can keep your whole face pretty neutral and spice up your lips with a bright color! You can also go the natural look and decide if you want matte or shiny nude lipstick/gloss. Sometimes a tinted lip balm or some clear lip gloss will look perfect for your look as well!

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