Coronavirus: How to return home safely

Cover up properly:
Put on outfits that completely cover your body and avoid sleeveless attires.

• Wear your face mask while leaving your house: So long as you wouldn’t go out topless, you should never step out of your home without your protective mask. Cultivate the habit of wearing the facemask as you wear your clothes.

• Prioritise hand sanitiser: Carry your hand sanitiser as you would your wallet. Put it in your handbag, back bag or pocket. If you forget it, it is important to go back home to pick it or procure a new one from a nearby store.

• If you’re not driving, do not board a crowded vehicle. Ensure the driver adheres to the Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) directives of social distancing with the number of commuters. There must be a reasonable distance between you and the next person. Ensure there is no body contact with anyone in the vehicle.

• Don’t chat with fellow passengers, as some people wear facemasks under their chins. Encourage them to wear their masks properly. Again, there is absolutely no point engaging in baseless conversations or argument in public vehicle.

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