Coronavirus: One Big Danger Of Lockdown

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As convid-19 spread, are locking down states, towns, communities in order to curtail the spread. Curtailing the spread is good, but the method can be far worse than itself.

The lockdown will bring to halt the movement of goods and persons on the roads connecting communities, towns, state.

when roads becomes lonely, criminals takes advantage to attack.


By this lockdown , Drivers, vehicles convelling essential goods, which could Medical Personnel and Products , Petroleum products and other will be at the mercy of criminals.

Telecommunications Masts on high ways are also in danger.

Isolated small communities are also in danger.

The relavant authorities should take note.

One suggestion that will boost the on our roads is for government to engage the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) to assist relevant to patrol all roads as part of the contribution to help boost the .

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