Major Causes Of Traffic On Lagos Roads

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As we prepare for work tomorrow monday, lets look at what causes traffic in Lagos.

Do you know most times when you get to what causes traffic jam in Lagos you might not really see what happened but lets look at the major actors of this problem in Lagos

Bad Roads
Bad roads in Lagos slow down the movement of vehicles as drivers try to manoeuvre their way through the pot holes. The more vehicles that slow down to navigate pot holes, the more traffic builds up. When this goes on for a long time, it results in a gridlock.


DANFO BUSES ( Yellow Buses)

These drivers are notorious for violating traffic laws. They drive recklessly, drive against traffic, and drive non-road worthy buses. Worse is their act of passenger pickups at undesignated areas. Without warning, these buses stop on main roads and cause traffic jams. One example is at the Ajah bridge, where the buses and the market on the expressway are the sole cause of what could be an hour-long traffic jam.

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Nurtw Task Force ( Agbero)

These Guys would deliberately stop buses from moving until they collect that their tax from the danfo buses, sometimes it ends up in a brawl .

Okada (Bike Riders)

Even thou this is the fastest mode of transport in Lagos, when this guys are looking for customers they can block the road just to get one person to enter their bike

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Keke Napep

I guess because of their size they think they can just enter any small lane and bypass motor cars. As a driver you need to be careful when this people are by your side any small turn you brush them.

Nigerian Police Force

Everybody Knows what this people do on the road, Illegal Extortion from danfo drivers, Illegal check points , following one way etc


Some times in the name of catching danfo drivers do you know this guys can block the road for almost 1 hour if you don’t believe please go to ikeja Along or oshodi. Lastma officials have being seen dragging the steering with a driver on numerous occassions

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Impatient Drivers

A typical example is a road that should normally have 3 lanes becomes 6 lanes because everyone is in a hurry and wants to move at the same time. This would go on for a while until they get to a point where the road narrows to what should be a lane or 2 probably due to an intersection or the topography of the road, people begin to scramble to return back to the original 2 lanes.

Inexperienced Drivers

You see those people with L at the back of their car, run from them. They usually take time while driving and usually very stubborn too

Notable Mention

Traffic Light


Tanker Drivers

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