World’s Fattest Boy Shows Off Incredible Body Transformation After Losing More Than 30 Stone

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Incredible before and after pictures show the astonishing weight loss transformation of a 13-year-old — once dubbed “the world’s fattest boy”.

Arya Permana, 13, from West Java, Indonesia, has lost a whopping 17 stone after he made headlines in 2016 after weighing in at an eye-watering 30 stone.

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After a mammoth weight loss effort, he revealed how he went from tipping the scales to shedding nearly two-thirds of his body weight.


Under the guidance of Indonesian bodybuilder Ade Rai and a team of health professionals, Arya amazingly shed just over 17 stone.

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The Indonesian schoolboy has been hailed as an “inspiration” for posting the before-and-after pictures on Instagram, where he boasts 350,000 followers.

In a video, he is seen working out with his personal trainer to perform squats and lift weights.

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The clip shows his unbelievable transformation from going to a tired-looking boy with rolls of fat to a determined teen with defined muscles.

He accompanies his strict training regime with a healthy diet and medical treatment.