Grid Sheds 292.4MW As Power Station Catches Fire

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Peak electricity generation on the national grid dropped by 292 . 4 megawatts between Monday and Tuesday , latest figures from the Federal Ministry of Power showed.

It was also gathered on Wednesday that a fault involving an underground cable connecting 60 MVA 132 /33kV T3 and its grounding transformer in Kakuri power transmission substation in Kaduna caused a fire incident that affected the transformer .

The data from the power sector showed that between December 30 and 31, 2019 , the peak quantum of power generated on the grid dropped from 4 , 778 MW to 4 , 485 . 6 MW , representing a decrease of 292 . 4 MW .

The power generation figures for the last two days of 2019 were the most released by the Transmission Company of on Wednesday .

The lowest quantum of energy recorded on the grid on December 30 and 31 was given as 3 , 099 . 6 MW and 3 , 258 MW respectively .
On the fire incident on the TCN ’ s transmission substation in Kaduna , the company’ s General Manager , Public Affairs , Ndidi Mbah , explained that the fire led to a temporary disconnection of power supply to three feeders .

She outlined them as the Arewa , UNTL and Ungwan Boro feeders .
“ Efforts are , however , ongoing by the TCN engineers to quickly restore supply to the affected feeders in the evening today ( Wednesday ) , by reconnecting supply through another 60 MVA, 132 / 33kV transformer T 1 A in the same substation , ” she stated.

The transmission company, however , stated that there was enough redundancy at the Kakuri substation to ensure that all affected customers of Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company were reconnected to normal supply .
It stated that the said customers would therefore experience few hours of power outage , while the TCN would divert the load to another transformer .

The TCN said it was mobilising to replace the affected transformer to maintain N-1 redundancy at the substation , adding that it was arranging for the repair of the faulty transformer.

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