AGN Tasks Insurers On Special Products For Members


The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has urged insurance firms to design special products that meet the peculiar nature of actors’ businesses and their lifestyles saying that it is the only way insurance could be attractive to the group.

Mr Ejezie Emeka Rollas, the president of the group said this in a chat with DAILY INDEPENDENT when he paid a visit to Lagos recently.

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According to him, actors need tailor-made insurance services other than the conventional insurance policies to take care of their needs, especially while on locations.

“As we speak there are shootings going on at seven locations in Asaba and I doubt if the crew have insurance policies to cover them.

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My issue is that they (insurers) do not research; they don’t go out to market their services. They should be able to give us something differently for us to appreciate insurance” he said.

He, however, acknowledged the role of insurance in one’s life or business saying that as a leader of his group, he would continue to persuade his members to embrace insurance as one of the welfare packages for the group.

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He disclosed that the group needs a group life scheme to cover the members and would want to see a situation where all the members are duly covered in event of misfortune.

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