10. Virtual Birthday Parties Take up Storm! Learn how you can organize one

We are undeniably living in a world where work stress is maximum and people have no spouts to blow off their steam. In a world that lives in a fear of contagion, human contact, which was once associated with warmth and love is now considered almost deadly. Therefore, to find the little joys of life and string them together to amplify them into greater happiness is the only way we can continue living a content and fulfilling life.

Virtual Birthday Party
Virtual Birthday Party

Every day we prepare for a new and advanced rendezvous with technology. From the new generation of kids who are supposedly born tech geeks to parents who are steadily getting a hang of how a smartphone works, to be at odds with the emerging technology is to literally live under a rock.

People have long used the facility of video calling their friends, family members and loved ones who live across continents and have been settling for virtual hugs through the screens of their laptops. But now, we have steered ourselves into a world where doing the same thing with someone who lives just a few hours away seems like the practical thing to do.

The Gen Z gamers, through the way of virtual reality, immerse themselves in different time periods and settings and can transport themselves to any corner of the world while being confined to the four walls of their house. While gaming and being a part of a virtual escape room are intersectional, they are not the same. Therefore, even if you are still confused over the craze for video gaming, you can still enjoy a virtual escape room.

The escape entertainment industry has successfully milked the benefits of technology to provide Virtual Departure Rooms where one can experience playing a game while being in the comfort of their safe homes. The brand deploys a volunteer in the room who is fully under your control so that the chance of winning and losing still depends on your own ingenuity and intellect. Their advanced logistics can also let you in on a first-hand view of the room through a pair of eyes that you can take control of.

You no longer need to settle for something just because it is easy to get to and you want to save up on some fuel. You can choose an experience that normally would have required you to undertake a stressful train journey or an expensive domestic flight.

Below are Virtual Birthday Parties Take up Storm! Learn how you can organize one for your own or loved ones

  1. Make a list of fellow adventure-seekers: Jot down the companions you would like to celebrate the special day with and give them a ring to ensure that they’re up for an epic virtual adventure!
  2. Choose an exciting theme: Combine mystery with thrill or sci-fi with adventure! Call your friends and see what interests them the most or just go with your gut and choose something that you know would lead to unlimited fun!
  3. Advance reservations!: An advance booking after you ensure the availability of a suitable time slot should be your next step. Feel dejected that they are already booked out? Ring them up and see if they can accommodate you on your special occasion and get the VIP treatment you deserve!
  4. The right video application: You can download various video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype and Google Meet with the blink of an eye. Ensure that you and your friends have the one that is required for the facilitation of your game.
  5. Prepare for the unique experience: Some of your friends still might be new to the concept. Make sure you answer all their queries so that they are as prepared for the fun experience as you are.
  6. Let the adventure begin!: Log into your rooms effortlessly and have faith in the volunteer. Don’t worry! You can give as many instructions as you like and turn him/her around in circles to get the full view of the room! This is your character, make sure you do justice to it.
  7. Getting fully involved in the experience: Communicate with your teammates and prepare your foolproof strategy. You are free to be as confused as you were confident. Instruct your character to take up even the silliest task you think might help- you never know what might work! Put two and two together with your companions and figuring your way out won’t be a challenge!
  8. Add some pizzazz with costumes: Want to add more drama? Rummage through your wardrobe to find an outfit that would suit your character in the game! Unleash the artist in you to even decorate your own room with make-shift props for your game.
  9. It’s not lights out yet: What about the age-old Truth and Dare to chuckle over wacky tasks and spill some saucy secrets? Find online games like Pictionary for a classic end to a birthday party. Or end the day by streaming a movie on Netflix Party or Rave that you all share a love for. A much-needed gathering is incomplete without reminiscing about the good old times. Take a trip down memory lane and remember the moments that have led to your strong bonding and end the virtual birthday party on a wholesome and hopeful note.
  10. The gift courtesy: If you’ve just fallen into the rabbit hole of being invited to a virtual party and are confused about a gift, don’t bother surfing the vast and deep oceans of the internet. We’ve got your back!

People have been bingeing on compelling tv shows and gripping movies. Get your friend a streaming subscription and be the one that fares them through their hard days as they lay on their couch and watch Netflix with a bowl of ice cream. Have they been gorging on pricy words and literature? Gift them an e-book gift card or an audiobook subscription so that Shakespeare doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket!

We are not pulling the wool over your eyes; a virtual experience is nothing but an alternative to a physical experience yet harnessing the ever-growing marvel-called technology-seems like the only way to connect and bond with people. One can still find solace in the fact that even in a virtual experience the feeling of togetherness is still intact and the spirit of the celebration is still high. To watch your loved ones smiling through a screen is joy enough in a world that is being infested with new and complex problems that need to be dealt every day.

While the fact is still behind the curtains, all of us are eagerly looking for a break from the hectic and monotonous schedules we have gotten accustomed to. People are finding ways to shed their caffeine-hungry skins and be their old social selves even if it requires a few alterations and a stable internet connection. Therefore, to be the messiah of uniting people and letting them exist in an atmosphere of positivity and enjoyment is a bliss itself.

We’re all afraid of starting over with silly icebreakers when we finally get a slim chance to meet someone physically since everybody has lost their touch! Undoubtedly, uncertainty is the new constant now, we must do away with the rose-tinted glasses with which we once used to view our social interactions. People are now more open to the idea of meeting someone virtually rather than relying on the cliché organic ways of being introduced to someone. Therefore, everyone is gradually becoming friends with their screens and are constantly keeping themselves up-to-date with the newest technology that makes life a more convenient and fulfilling journey.

It is now time, that we all book a seat for ourselves on the train to a new, improvised, altered and technologically-powered future.

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